About us

Social Zoo is a creative agency that develop and implement digital strategies and campaigns. Processes that utilize influencers and social media to create national and international brand awareness.

Hannah Løffler Schmidt – Managing Director
Hannah is an accomplished TV professional, having more than 13 years of experience as producer and production manager in the Danish TV industry. While working behind the camera, Hannah obtained a BA in Business Administration and an MA in Management of Creative Business Processes from Copenhagen Business School. Since 2013, Hannah has worked as manager and agent for some of Denmark’s leading social media talents, among them influencer and Social Zoo co-founder Pernille Teisbæk. In 2015 Hannah founded Social Zoo.

Pernille Teisbæk – Creative Director
Pernille is one of the most prominent international fashion influencers and stylists with over 15 years of experience in the creative industries. Pernille previously held titles as Fashion Director and Fashion Editor at Danish fashion magazines before pursuing her passion for the new digital media in 2012 where she launched her blog Look de Pernille. Pernille quickly found success growing her digital following, making her one of the most influential global voices in fashion. In 2015 Pernille founded Social Zoo.

Barbara Saouma – Client Director
Barbara was one of the first creatives behind shaping the landscape around influencer marketing in Denmark back in 2011, and have worked with social media and influencer marketing ever since. She started her career in the fashion industry before joining the biggest influencer agency in Denmark as Account Director. Alongside she obtained a HD1 from Copenhagen Business School. In 2016 Barbara became a partner in Social Zoo.

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