Floral happiness by Posy – Cathrine, Emily & Trine

We think you would be hard-pressed to find three girls who love flowers more than Trine Kjær, Emily Salomon and Cathrine Wichmand. That’s why we think their collaborations with the floral subscription service Posy is a match made in heaven.


Earlier this year in August, Cathrine co-hosted a beautiful dinner with Posy for a select crowd of Cathrine’s and Posy’s friends. Since then, Posy has teamed up with three of our girls to advertise their service which allows subscribers to get fresh flower deliveries in three different styles directly to their door, once a week or every other week.


The theme of the collaborations is “flower happiness”, highlighting the delight that comes with fresh flowers and the element of surprise that comes with seeing what the florist has put together in your bouquet with each delivery.