My Mentor

I have been so lucky to start my professional career, at the age of 19, assisting someone, who turned out to be the best boss I’ve ever had and one of my greatest inspirations in my professional life. She taught me the importance of believing in your ideas, being dedicated and sticking close to people who inspire you. She also taught me, to work hard for it.


Her name is Malene Lei Raben, she is a lawyer and now operates as the Chief of external production and rights for the Danish broadcaster TV 2. And then, she is my mentor.


I started working for her when she was the COO of Blu, assisting her in the acquisition of selling Blu to Fremantle Media, one of the largest global companies specializing in creating, producing and distributing some of the highest-rated TV formats in the world.


To date, this is still one of the most interesting projects I’ve been a part of. I was taught to master the properties of thoroughness, negotiation, and aiming high high high.


It always comes out as a cliché, but the project – and Malene – also taught me to think out of the box. Something I’ve cherished through my time at university and other previous jobs.


Later on in my career I’ve been privileged to meet someone whom later became my partner, and someone I highly admire, who possesses the same values I met in Malene. I became the agent of Pernille Teisbæk. It soon showed that we were completely aligned on the same values and work ethics. We have always believed in our ideas, we have been extremely dedicated and determined and we have been privileged to work closely with people who inspire us greatly. Working to succeed internationally with Pernille’s brand, created a foundation to emerge our drive and dreams into our new baby, Social Zoo.


The foundation for Social Zoo and our work with the talented girls we represent and partners we team up with, differs not the least from our general mindset about what we feel we represent of work values. We want to create meaningful content, we want to challenge ourselves, and everyone we work with and we want to stick close to people we get inspired by.