MJ Loves Hair

Marianne Jensen or MJ is one of the most accomplished and respected hair stylists in both the Danish and International Fashion Industry. Having more than 20 years of experience under her belt, she has a curious and creative passion for the art of hairstyling, a passion she wants to share with you through her new app – MJ Loves Hair.


Whether you are a hardcore professional or entirely new to all of the hair stuff, whether you are looking for inspiration, a challenge, or just a bit of fun – this app will lead the way for you.

Social Zoo has helped MJ developing a strategy on how to increase her influence on Instagram and reach a wider audience, parallel with the launch of her new project, the hair app MJ loves Hair.


To create the best output for Marianne Jensen, Social Zoo has had several consultations with her on her thoughts for her Instagram and in which direction she sees herself and her brand. Based on these meetings, Hannah and Pernille have made a more concrete and strategic analyze for @mariannejensenhair. The output has been a delivery of guidelines and a schedule for Marianne to work with on her social medias. Besides this, Social Zoo has worked with Marianne’s use of hashtags, which have been a great wish from her side.


Have a look at Marianne’s amazing Instagram work here @mariannejensenhair!



Images from MJ <3 Hair app launch –  courtesy of Marianne Jensen!