Happy New Year!!

2016 has come to an end, and we are welcoming 2017 on the first day back at the office. For our Social Zoo team, 2016 has been an amazing year. Not only has 2016 been an extremely exciting, but it also marks the year, where we finally aired with our online universe.


Since the start in August, we have shared bits and pieces of what we are working on. We haven’t been sitting still. Early fall started with a farewell to The You Way and hello to new beginnings, with some of the coolest influencers in Denmark. Hannah and Pernille teamed up as digital strategy partner for Copenhagen Fashion Week, our creative director Pernille Teisbæk wrote a book and we made a social media strategy for Marianne Jensen and her newly launched app.


If possible, 2017 will be even more exciting – we cannot wait to share with you all the projects we have in the pipeline including the coming fashion week in Copenhagen and the launch of our project with Stine Goya. We are looking forward to see the develop in our Social Zoo family – and wish you all a happy New Year!


Over the next days we will share with you some of the Social Zoo girl’s favorite collaboration from the past year!