Everyday glamour with Moët et Chandon & Emily Salomon

Creating content is more than just snapping some images and writing a review. To create the optimal collaboration, you need to make a connection between the brand and influencer like Emily Salomon and Moët et Chandon.

Everyday glamour is essential for Emily, always on the go to find new ways of spicing up her every day. Connecting with Moët et Chandon seemed like a brandmatch made in heaven due to their likewise philosophies on glamouring up your life. Emily and Moët have been collaborating for a while, where both parts have been working on ideas to make content with creative freedom and achieving the best result. The collaboration between these two have involved champagne tasting with Emily’s readers, making of a champagne school on the blog and in general been inspiring her readers on how to sparkle up an everyday integrating champagne, giving them the possibility to win champagne and attend bubbly events.

A long-term collaboration between a brand and an influencer who both strive to understand what is the most valuable output for both partners and aim to make a solid and interesting synergy for both collaborators and readers.


Image courtesy of Emily Salomon