Eating well with Aarstiderne

Emily Salomon loves to eat well, and now that she has recently started to collaborate with Denmark’s primary meal kit subscription service, Aarstiderne, she’s eating even better.


In relation to the collaboration, we decided to have a chat with Emily on her favorite ingredients and her experiencing with trying out Aarstiderne’s boxes so far.


What’s your favorite produce to use in the kitchen?

Chocolate, haha. No, I love food and I love to try out new things so it’s difficult for me to pinpoint just one ingredient. Finely chopped and raw cauliflower, oxheart cabbage or broccoli in salads with seeds, nuts, other vegetables and some kind of fruit or berry. That’s the kind of salad that works with everything and is super healthy.


Has subscribing to Aarstiderne made you love new ingredients or dishes?

When I get the vegetarian, the flexitarian or the vegan box, I get lots of inspiration for new dishes that don’t have meat as the starting point for the meal. I’m especially fond of eggplant now that I have learned to use it in new ways, and I also got introduced to split peas through Aarstiderne.


How does the flexitarian box help you with cutting down on meat?

It’s great for meeting the whole family’s needs (even though it’s just the two of us) because there are the fully green days, the fish days and the days with poultry. And the simple, delicious dishes make you not miss the meat on the meatless days.



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