Dress Scandinavian

Our creative director, Pernille Teisbæk, has made her debut as an author with her new book Dress Scandinavian, where she shares her best tips to get the right Scandinavian style. It all started over a year ago:


“It has been a fun and challenging adventure writing this book. With my travel schedule the last year, the book has been a process going back and forth with reflections from all the inspiration I have attained on-the-go,” explains Pernille.


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Scandinavian style has achieved iconic status in the fashion world. But what makes Scandinavian fashion so special? Pernille shares her experience from her many years in the fashion industry and guides you to her iconic Scandinavian style and shows you how you can get that minimalistic and chic Scandinavian “casualness” into your wardrobe.


“The book is actually for everyone, who wants to spice up their wardrobe and achieve the distinctly Scandinavian style” says Pernille.


Equally exciting is that we can share with you that you can preorder the book with a discount already today, using the code DRESS. The discount code works from today October 20th until October 27th.