Pernille Teisbæk

Dress Scandinavian goes international

Our Creative Director Pernille Teisbæk published her first book “Dress Scandinavian” in October 2016, immediately garnering attention from international press, and now the renowned British publishing house Penguin Random House has bought the international publishing rights to the book in an unusually large deal with the Danish publisher People’s Press.


The rights have been bought for a six-figure sum which is an extraordinary good deal, according to People Group Agency’s rights director, Louise Langhoff Koch:



“When a publisher of that size and quality such as Penguin Random House is willing to pay many hundreds of thousands of kroner for the rights to a book by a Danish stylist and fashion expert, it is because Pernille Teisbæk is visible and out there on all the markets.”

Pernille Teisbæk herself is thrilled that the book will reach all of Europe: “I’m very happy and proud that my book will go beyond Denmark. I have always had a large number of international followers who have been requesting an English version since the release of the book last year, so it’s incredible that they will now have the opportunity to read it. I know that there is a big interest in Scandinavian style abroad – in fashion as well as interior decoration. I’m very proud to contribute with my perspective on these topics in my book.”