It’s all in the details – Black Sun

Black Sun by Mads Ziegler is a universe of luxury-bohemian bracelets made by the finest materials. Inspired by the life of surfers from the American west coast and the traditional Hama beads, the bracelets are an expression of freedom and a lifestyle of free choices. The Black Sun bracelet is unique, a thing we at Social Zoo adore, the luxury materials and the fact that you can customize your own bracelet is a shared value at our business, where we put an effort in customizing collaborations. If you are not into the whole designing part, you can choose a finished bracelet specially designed by Mads Ziegler in the category “Designer’s choice”.


At Social Zoo, we have customized our own bracelet as shown on creative director Pernille Teisbaek. With a predilection for the red color combined with the golden details it fits perfectly into her other jewelries. The mix of materials with the metallic and wood makes the bracelet fun and playful.