Creative Director, Pernille Teisbaek launches jewelry line in Paris

With a shared love of pure, raw yellow gold and texture-rich organic aesthetics, goldsmith Orit Elhanati and creative director Pernille Teisbæk have joined forces for a collection of enchanting, yet timeless pieces, inspired by the two sides of the moon and lifeforms deep within the sea.


Afin Ateliér was launched in Paris during fashion week, and this was not a coincidence. Afin is French and means art forms in nature. The name refers to the inspiration from the world under the sea, which gives the natural shapes in the pieces.

It started with a simple idea, but the creative process has developed over the years and now, finally, we have finished our first collection together. The pieces are full of delicate memories of the Middle East, combined with the classic and clean aesthetics of Scandinavian design, coming together to form something quite magical” says Orit Elhanati.


The result of the partnership is a collection of highly sculptural pieces that accent the inherent sensuality of the gold, and contain both darkness and light, just like the moon. It is instantly apparent that both Orit and Pernille have a passion for exclusive materials and fiercely unique designs.


For me jewelry becomes a natural part of me. They create an interesting and personal touch to your everyday look. We created a collection that has the perfect balance between being eye-catching with the yellow golden tones and yet again toned down with the organic and minimalistic shapes.” explains Pernille Teisbaek.

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Pernille’s favorite piece is the stingray stick earring with the 80’s sophisticated look that reminds her of Joan Collins in Dynasty. For Orit, her favorite piece is the choker necklace with the two chains. It is like a two-way necklace, which can both be worn with the choker in the front and the chains softly falling down the back – or you can have the chains fall in the front.

The collection of 16 pieces in total with necklaces, earrings, rings and an anklet ranging from $505 to $5905 is now exclusively available at FWRD.