Copenhagen Fashion Week announces new digital strategic partner

Copenhagen Fashion Week is proud to announce a new partnership with Pernille Teisbæk and Hannah Løffler Schmidt, founders of the digital consulting agency Social Zoo.


Copenhagen Fashion Week has teamed up with Social Zoo to lift its digital and social media presence and contribute to a digital vision for the fashion week. The agency is founded by the well-known and highly respected fashion influencer Pernille Teisbæk and Hannah Løffler Schmidt, who is a well-known agent and TV professional.


They have a solid international perspective and experience working with the international fashion elite, which will be the foundation of the process behind developing the digital strategy for Copenhagen Fashion Week. Furthermore, they will host a selected group of international guests during fashion week in February.


About the strategic partnership, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week Eva Kruse says:


“It is only natural that an international mega event like Copenhagen Fashion Week follows the rapid pace of the digital movement. And I could not think of anyone better to lead this strategic process for us than the strongest Danish international profile, Pernille Teisbæk.”


The duo specialises in strategies within social media and influencer marketing and is thus a perfect digital strategic partner for Copenhagen Fashion Week. Pernille Teisbæk and Hannah Løffler Schmidt share:


“We are thrilled to partner with Copenhagen Fashion Week and work closely with their team to be able to lift the digital and SoME presence and increase the international awareness of the fashion week.”


The upcoming Copenhagen Fashion Week will take place 1-3 February.