Cathrine Wichmand

Can an influencer sell luxury apartments?

Earlier this year, Cathrine moved into a newly constructed luxury apartment in Carlsbergbyen as part of a collaboration by Social Zoo, Carlsbergbyen’s media agencies Concept and Orchestra. The campaign aimed to increase awareness and interest in the new apartments by allowing an influencer to move into an empty apartment, documenting their life in the new neighborhood.


Carlsbergbyen now calls the collaboration a great success in a new article in that covers the innovative use of influencer marketing in the real estate business:


“It has definitely been a success. We have seen a great response on the collaboration, and when we look at the comment section, we have seen that Cathrine’s followers ask relevant questions where Cathrine replies in her own words how she feels about the neighborhood development”,  Anette Langberg says.


Social Zoo tailored the campaign concept to Cathrine’s profile, including extending Cathrine’s stay to a longer period than requested in order to create an authentic connection between the influencer and Carslbergbyen. This allowed her to incorporate her life in the neighborhood in her daily Instagram and blog posts.


Carlsbergbyen is very pleased with the outcome of Cathrine’s posts where some of them drove an increase of 258% in download traffic to Carlbergbyen’s sales material.


Digital strategist in Holm Kommunikation, Mads Keilberg Johansen, considers the collaboration a great business case:


“Allowing her to live in the apartment [for a longer period of time] is a completely new take on this. I think it is a really smart idea. It is more edgy than you would usually see and potentially a great business case,” Mads Keilberg Johansen says.


We at Social Zoo think Cathrine’s strong lifestyle profile makes her a great match for a real estate client and especially Carlsbergbyen as she was able to use her knowledge of the neighborhood to create engaging and unique content and organize a neighborhood walk for her readers.


In addition to Cathrine’s postings, the collaboration included advertorials in Boligmagasinet to showcase Cathrine’s life in Carlsbergbyen and digital advertisement to increase traffic to Cathrine’s blogposts.



Read the full article in and see Cathrine’s blogposts from Carlsbergbyen here and here.